About Us

As you can see, Mobile Montessori is a family project!

Operating under the educational direction of Manel Wickremasinghe, each of us contribute our various skills and talents to create apps that will engage childrens' minds to learn!

After completing her Montessori training in the country of Sri Lanka, Manel traveled to the United States in 1969 to begin teaching and continued for over 40 years until she retired in 2013.


Manel has always endeavored to remain true to the methods of teaching introduced by Dr. Maria Montessori, with regards to the function and design of Mobile Montessori apps. At first, the idea of using a digital device to reproduce the Montessori concepts seemed like a conflict of interest! After all, without the concrete experiences of touching and holding the various Montessori materials, could children really learn from these activities?

Our concensus was, these iPad and iPhone applications could never become replacements of the physical materials, however, for children enrolled in the Montessori curriculum, could provide a supplement to their education, and for children who do not have the opportunity to attend Montessori school, a partial introduction and exposure to this time tested method of educating. 

Activities, such as, the Hundred Board, helping children with their counting from 1 to 100, seemed like perfect activities to translate into applications for the iPad. Our goal was to create exact replicas of the physical materials in the app itself. We were very pleased with the final product and, to our pleasant surprise, so were our customers! 

The Hundred Board


Our Montessori based apps are now widely used in the United States, Australia, and Europe by both parents and educators. Several parents and educators of children with forms of autism are using our apps with success. Even adults recovering from brain surgery have used our apps as mental exercises!

We couldn't be more pleased with the responses thus far and, with your support, we plan to provide you with plenty more educational apps for your Apple devices.