Save 43% with our new Science Bundle!


SAVE up to 43% with this SCIENCE BUNDLE by Mobile Montessori!

Solar System - This is one of our most popular apps, designed for very young children to get a feel for the size and makeup of our solar system. Unique activities and visualizations will give children a introduction to what's beyond our home planet and peak their curiosity into what else is out there...

Seasons and Weather - this app is currently being used by several school systems around the United States because of its unique methods and activities for children to learn the cycles and climates that exist on our planet!

Land and Water Forms - this is a digital replica of the famous Land Forms activities found in a Montessori classroom. Children will learn about archipelagos, peninsulas, lakes, etc. that define the ways water and land interacts on earth.

Parts of Plants - Learn to identify the basics parts of plant life including trees, flowers, leaves, etc.

Dinosaurs - Kids love to learn about the giant creatures of the past! This app will allow them to identify several dinosaurs and what makes each of them unique.

Animal Kingdom Series (Vertebrates & Invertebrates) - What makes a bird a bird, and a mammal a mammal? Children will learn how to classify animals and insects correctly in these unique activities designed for young children.

Parts of Animals Series (Vertebrates & Invertebrates) - Learn about the unique parts of the animals and insects. Even adults will learn a thing or two from these two apps!

Parts of the Human Body - With a learning center and two types of puzzles, young children will quickly learn to identify the parts of the body correctly.

Apps for Summer Learning


School is out and parents are challenged with the task of balancing summer enrichment programs, summer camps, and just having some fun! Often, summer programs are quite pricey and they have to fit around your scheduled vacations and activities.

Many parents are using apps with their mobile devices to continue their children's education throughout the summer. However, finding the right apps can be a challenge. The App Stores are saturated with apps targeted to children, yet many do more entertaining than educating. Then there's the challenge of using the apps in an effective way in order for children to get the most benefit. Here are some tips for using apps to create an effective summer enrichment program at home:

1. Choose the right kind of apps. If it looks like a cartoon, it is a cartoon! Apps that just entertain have their place, but when it's time for learning apps that are more academic in nature work best. Many apps do so much entertaining that the educational aspect is almost secondary. The reality is, children enjoy learning, and with the right apps they can learn without excessive distractions. That is why Mobile Montessori apps are truly academic in design and function. Experience has shown children sitting down and working with these kinds of apps for up to an hour to complete the activities! 

2.  Organize your child's mobile device. Arrange the app icons on the tablet so that you have a page or two dedicated to summer learning. This will create a separation between play time and learning time. Group the types of apps together: math, geography, etc. 

3. Make a schedule for the summer. It's a fact that we all get more accomplished when we make written lists, appointments, etc. Come up with a plan for the summer that works for you. Learning time does not have to be lengthy. Being consistent each day with your schedule will reap the best results. Choose a unique ringtone on your phone to set an alarm as a reminder that it's time for learning. 

4. Be observant and take notes. Some apps provide feedback to parents, such as how long it took to complete a task, or even a final score. By observing your child's interaction with an app, you can learn a lot about their needs and see where to adjust the assignments for the next day. All of this contributes to progressive learning for your child.

5. Rewards come at the end. Just like recess time at school, schedule fun outdoor activities right after learning time with apps. Research has shown that children need a brain-break after they engage in learning activities and those who get it tend to retain what they've learned.

With a little planning summer enrichment can be a manageable task and prove to be extremely effective in helping your child to be a progressive learner. Each new school year teachers struggle to help children "make-up" for what they forgot over the summer months. Now with the proper use of technology and a good schedule your children can keep their skills sharp and will hit the ground running when school starts up in the fall!

Europe app for Apple TV!

Apple TV App: Europe - Geography by Mobile Montessori

Learn the names and locations of all the countries in Europe with Apple TV!

First, learn the names and locations of the European Countries: 

Touch a country in the filmstrip to change the featured country on the page. Touch the speaker button to hear the correct pronunciation of the country name and touch the compass button to see the country highlighted on the map! 

Next, move on to the puzzle maps:

In the first puzzle map lesson children have to look for the country puzzle piece that is blinking on the map. As each country piece is placed its name can be heard aloud.

In the second puzzle map lesson children have to look for the country puzzle piece that corresponds to the name shown at the top. For children who cannot read, a speaker button at the top can be touched to hear the name aloud for them to know which one to look for.

This Montessori application was co-developed and approved by an AMI certified, Montessori teacher with over forty years experience educating children!


Customer Reviews about some of our Geography apps for the iPad:

"I am a lower elementary teacher, and my students have been using your South America, Europe, and Asia puzzle map apps. They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them."

"Because of your apps my 3yr old knows all the countries from North, South Americas, Europe and all the states in America."

"I am in my forties and I have learned most of Europe in a couple days. This method really works."


Mobile Montessori, bringing Education to Apple TV!

We are thrilled to announce the availability of three educational apps for Apple TV! 

The Hundred Board - Learn to count from 1 to 100.

The Alphabet - Learn the letters of the alphabet.

The United States of America - Learn to identify and locate all fifty states.

We are loving the concept of Apps on your TV! You'll love the interaction with the Siri Remote and how easy it is for children to use. It's time to turn your TV into something worthwhile.

Three down and a million to go... we have big plans for bringing real education to your Apple TV!

- The Wickremasinghe Family

Apple TV will change education in your home!

We are happy to announce that Mobile Montessori will be publishing educational Apps for Apple TV! Our first Apple TV app, The Hundred Board - Math by Mobile Montessori, will be available on the very first day of the new Apple TV release!

Imagine children actually using the living room TV for something constructive! We see families sitting down together to complete educational puzzles and activities. Parents will enjoy being able to observe their children from a distance as they complete tasks within the apps. Classrooms can run group activities as each student passes the siri remote from one person to the next...

There's a lot we're all going to do with the new Apple TV, and we are happy to bring you quality, educational content for children that will turn screen time into quality time!

- The Wickremasinghe Family

From our family to yours... Thank You.

As many of you know, Mobile Montessori is a family owned and operated business. Everything you see and hear in our apps (and about a million things you can't see!) are all done in-house! It has been quite the privilege to help so many children around the world to learn basic concepts that they will continue to build upon the rest of their lives.

We have many more plans in the works, but first, we would like to thank all of you for your support of our little app project! Please, stay in touch with your suggestions and comments. Because we're a family business we can turn things around quickly, so don't hesitate to ask! We love hearing from our customers.

Stay tuned for some exciting things in the near future from Mobile Montessori!

- The Wickremasinghe Family

Universal Apps

Soon we will be releasing updates to several of our iPad apps to make them Universal, which means you will be able to download them to your iPhone & iPod Touch as well, free of charge!

Many of you use apps on both devices, depending on where you happen to be and what is most convenient. You asked, and we responded!

Thanks for your support of our educational apps!

- Mobile Montessori Team

See a two year old using our Flags of Asia app!

This is pretty amazing! A proud mom sent us this video of her two year old son using our Flags of Asia app. Apparently, in just a few weeks he has learned all the flags of Asia, Europe, North America and South America! Looks like we better get working on The Flags of Africa and Oceania so he can keep going!

Parts of Plants Updated!

Enjoy this beautiful update to our Parts of Plants app that includes the ability to assemble the puzzles "manually," by dragging each piece with your finger to the correct position. The previous "auto" method is still there as well, which has been utilized by several school systems in the United States! We hope you like it and thanks for your support of our Montessori inspired apps!


Hundred Board Bundle Pack in iTunes!

With the introduction of App Bundles in the App Store, we can offer you themed bundles of apps at a discounted price! We're happy to bring to you the Hundred Board bundle, which includes the following apps:

  • Hundred Board
  • Hundred Board 101 - 200
  • Hundred Board 201 - 500
  • Hundred Board Patterns

Save money and get these apps as a bundle on iTunes! If you've already punched some of them, you can "complete your bundle" and still save money.

See the bundle here: Hundred Board Bundle for Preschool & Kindergarten

Thanks for your support of our Educational Apps!

Update to our Parts of Animals - Vertebrates!

Mobile Montessori is happy to present this major update to Parts of Animals Vertebrates!

  • Learn about 5 additional animals: elephant, shark, pelican, crocodile, salamander
  • Now you can assemble all the animal puzzles manually with your finger by dragging the pieces into position!

This app is used by school systems in the United States. We hope you enjoy these free updates to Parts of Animals Vertebrates!