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States & Territories of Australia

Learn the names and locations of the states and territories in Australia with this app that complements the geography materials used in the Montessori Classroom!

In Lesson #1 learn the names and locations of the states:

Touch a state in the filmstrip to change the featured state on the page. Touch the speaker button to hear the correct pronunciation of the state name and touch the compass button to see the state highlighted on the map! The map itself follows the same color scheme used for the physical materials in the Montessori classroom.

In Lessons #2 & 3 assemble the complete Australia puzzle with pieces that are exact replicas of the physical Montessori materials:

In the first puzzle map lesson children have to look for the state puzzle piece that is blinking on the map. As the correct piece snaps into position, the country name can be heard aloud. 

In the second puzzle map lesson children have to look for the state puzzle piece that corresponds to the state name shown at the top. For children who cannot read, the state name at the top can be touched to hear the name aloud for them to find the corresponding state.

We just added Lesson #4, where you can assemble the Australia puzzle map by dragging and placing by hand! 

This Montessori application was co-developed and approved by an AMI certified, Montessori Teacher with over forty years experience. Thanks for your support of our Montessori apps.