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Cards & Counters

We're excited to bring you our first app for 2016 - Cards & Counters!

Learn to count from 1 - 10 with this app, packed with a variety of activities!

First, learn how to use the counters to assign quantities to numbers. Easy to follow audio instructions will allow your child to learn with this app on their own.

Second, have fun practicing counting by using different types of counters: fish, ladybugs, acorns, or frogs. In the standard activity, everything snaps into place. In the advanced activity, children can place everything on the screen as they wish - just like they would with physical materials.

Third, reinforce your knowledge of the quantities by placing the counters underneath a set of numbers that is not in sequence. Several randomized sets of numbers are included, along with another set of counters: pigs, butterflies, starfish, and leaves.

Fourth, learn the concept of odd and even numbers. Push the arrows up towards the counters to see if you can divide them. Odd numbers cannot be divided and even numbers can. Watch and listen as the animations and audio teach which numbers are odd and which are even.

We are very excited to bring you this latest app from Mobile Montessori! As always, the activities, audio instructions, and graphics are influenced from Montessori materials, and the development of the app was overseen by Manel Wickremasinghe, who has over 40 years experience teaching children.

Thanks so much for your support of our educational apps and feel free to contact us anytime with your questions and comments!