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Mobile Montessori ® was created in 2009 by the Wickremasinghe family in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. Combining our experience in education, engineering, and design, we have since published over 80 educational apps for Apple devices that are currently used by schools and parents worldwide. All our apps are child-safe with no way for children to access outside web links or make a purchase without a parent or teacher being involved. Everything you see and hear in our iOS apps (and about a million things you can't) are done in-house. We sincerely thank you for your support of our app project and we promise to keep bringing you quality updates and new content to help supplement your child's education!

Here's what some of our customers are saying ABOUT OUR APPS:

"As a certified Montessori toddler, early childhood, and lower elementary teacher I have to say I absolutely LOVE these apps. The subtle music and sounds, and the calmness of the voices fits right into the Montessori style of teaching. Not only do I use all of the apps for my own son at home, but I also recommend them to parents who ask for "homework," or who want to supplement their children's Montessori education further... These apps are a great addition to the Montessori curriculum, presenting children with the original tools but in a more modern medium." - a teacher in the United States

"My boy is 6... We own every App from you guys... Animals / Flags / Bodies of Water / Continents / Math ... all of them. I am beyond thankful." - a parent in the United States

"Your apps are the most awesome thing ever! We love them at our school and count them as a huge part of the math success our first graders are having." - a teacher in the United States

"This looks very simple, but, you'd be surprised how engrossing the children find this lesson to be. I've watched our five year old daughter spend over an hour working with it, trying to get to a hundred!" - a parent commenting on our Hundred Board app

"Because of your apps my 3yr old knows all the countries from North, South Americas, Europe and all the states of America!" - a parent commenting on our geography apps