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Experience an introduction to fractions with this app created for young children! Designed for use in the classroom and at home, it contains progressive activities that start with learning the concept of breaking a whole into smaller parts, up to identifying fractions numerically. 

The app was developed by our team of engineers and a Montessori teacher with over 40 years experience teaching children. The goal was to take the famous Montessori fraction insets and present them on the iPad in a unique and logical manner that maximizes the use of an iPad as a teaching tool. The app is designed for everyone to use, not just those with an exposure to Montessori methods.

Each activity contains audio directions so a child can work through the app on his own, building on what he learns as he progresses through the app. Every activity is self-correcting, so the child will have to find the correct solutions before continuing to the next activity. There's a lot of content in this app! You won't be disappointed...

We have been developing educational apps since 2010 and have focused on using simple, direct designs that minimize distractions. School systems around the world are using several of our apps because of this, and we are confident that you will appreciate how Mobile Montessori educational apps engage young minds to learn!