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Geography Apps FAQ


What age groups are your apps designed for?

    All our geography apps are designed for children ages three and up. Parents have reported that children as young as three years old have memorized all the countries of the world via our apps! Our Animals series, The United States, Canada, and Australia apps contain facts and history designed for older children to read and use as a resource for research projects. Children who cannot read yet still benefit by listening to the audio narration. You will be pleasantly surprised what young children can retain from these apps!

Are your apps used in schools?

    Yes! Several school systems in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, and Australia are using our geography apps with success! We participate in Apple’s 50% discount to educational institutions.

Are they available in other languages?

    Yes! Currently, we have some of our geography apps available in Spanish, Italian and Japanese and we have plans to make more in the future.

What are your future plans?

    We will continue to update and improve our geography series of apps. There are several Montessori inspired geography activities we plan to bring to the iPad. Your suggestions are important to us as well. In fact, when we updated our Continents app with information and activities about the oceans, it was in response to a special request from a customer in Japan working with special needs children! So, please, contact us with your ideas.

Thank you for your support of our geography apps! We are confident you will be satisfied with the results from these educational tools for children!

- Mobile Montessori Team