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Pink Tower

The Pink Tower was developed by Maria Montessori as an activity to help children with visual discrimination of dimensions, a Montessori preparation for math.

At first, we struggled with whether or not we should even develop a Pink Tower app! After all, holding a three dimensional cube in your hand is supposed to be part of the concrete experience! However, understanding that most parents will not have a Pink Tower at home, there is still value in constructing the two dimensional patterns by having to identify which cube is required in sequence to complete the design.

Soon after its real ease, parents provided feedback to us about our Pink Tower app and had a rekindled their child's interest in the physical Pink Tower, now having new ideas of patterns to construct.

Something we didn't plan on was it's success with autistic children. Educators wrote to us that this app was a great way for children to practice following a specific sequence of events, in this case, by size.

The app contains twelve exercises for the child to work with. Each requires them to identify the next cube in sequence to complete the desired pattern. You can choose to manually move the cubes into position or to simply touch the correct cube and it will automatically move to the correct spot.

The relationship in size between each cube in this app and the physical Pink Tower are exactly the same which is important for future Montessori activities!

Young children will enjoy working with the Pink Tower and will be gaining key concepts useful in their understanding of math.

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