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Planets of the Solar System

This app was designed to help young children to both visualize and identify the planets in our solar system! Children will not only learn to identify the planets, but, will learn their location, size, orbit time, temperature, composition and more!

All data is presented with accompanying audio so even children who cannot read will learn! Children love big numbers, and there are plenty in this app!

The Information Center contains informative data on each planet. The solar system is shown to scale for children to be able to visualize the planet distances from the sun, as well as, their relative sizes!

The Planet Sizes activity allows children to drag the planets across the screen to get a feel for their relative sizes and learn the order of the planets. Each planet will "snap" into place and it's name will be heard aloud when it is dragged to the correct position.

The Planet Orbits activity allows children to observe the relative speeds of orbit for each planet in proportion to Earth.

The Planet Card Matching activity contains the famous Three-Part Card System used in Montessori Classrooms. Children can drag the picture cards and labels to match them up to the control cards at the top.

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Planets of The Solar System for Android: