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United States of America

"These Geography apps are great! I downloaded them last night and used them today in therapy. Great stuff." - from a speech therapist in Japan

Learn the names and locations of all the fifty states in America with this app that complements the geography materials used in the Montessori Classroom!


  • Learn to identify the shape, name and location of each state
  • Learn historical facts about each state
  • Assemble the United States puzzle map in the following ways:
    • Find the state that matches the blinking shape on the map
    • Find the state that matches the name at the top
    • Assemble the puzzle map in any order you choose

This Montessori application was co-developed and approved by a Montessori Teacher with over forty years experience. Thank you for your support of our Montessori apps and please see our other Montessori applications!


United States for Android: