United States WORKSHEETS

Today our United States app was updated to include Mobile Montessori WORKSHEETS! You may have seen our downloadable, paper versions of worksheets available on our site. The worksheets inside the app follow the same concept.

Children will have to read the questions, then search through the app to find the answers. The answers can be typed into the worksheet and are saved inside the app.

The concept of having to search through source material to find answers to questions is the basic form of research. Now, children can practice doing this within our app without needing access to the internet. We're excited about this update because it opens up this app to a whole new audience of older children!

We know there's many ways we can expand this activity, such as, giving teachers the ability to input their own questions. Please, send us your suggestions so we can continue to make our apps more useful to you.

Thanks for your support of our Montessori inspired apps!

- Mobile Montessori Team