Educational apps for ALL children.

Mobile Montessori proudly presents our library of apps that are being used successfully by parents and schools worldwide. These Montessori inspired, educational apps are designed for preschool, kindergarten and elementary school aged children and can be incorporated into all types of educational programs. Parents and educators of children with special needs use our apps regularly. As our library of apps continues to grow, see what Mobile Montessori has to offer you! 


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Math Apps

From simple counting activities to learning arithmetic, you will appreciate the clean, academic design of our math apps. Even without "bells and whistles," parents have reported their children sitting down for over an hour with apps like the Hundred Board. With easy to understand menus and naturally intuitive activities, you may be surprised what young children can learn with the iPad!

Language Apps

Our languages series of apps feature activities, such as, practicing the alphabet, vocabulary exercises, and building words & sentences. The Movable Alphabet apps function very similarly to the physical materials in the Montessori classroom, allowing for parent/teacher and child interaction. Pre-Language apps, such as Opposites and Rhyming are used by educators of autistic children.

Geography Apps

Learn about the continents, countries, flags, capitals, and even, the animals of the world! Our geography apps contain a unique sequence of activities, including learning activities and progressive puzzle maps that aid in memory retention. Even children who cannot read yet can learn the names and locations of the countries with the accompanying audio. Parents have reported children as young as 4 years old being able to identify all the countries of the world by using our apps for a short time!

Science & Others

From the parts of a butterfly to the planets of our solar system, our science apps are designed for young children to explore the amazing variety of life on this planet and beyond. Schools are currently using all our animals and plants series of apps in their classrooms.

More Languages

We have educational apps in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Japanese, Swedish, and Dutch. 

iPhone & iPod Touch Apps

If a child is going to play a game on an iPhone or iPod Touch, it might as well be educational. Enjoy these apps, designed specifically for smaller screen sizes.