educational App Bundles

SAVE up to 50% with App Bundles! Save money by purchasing apps in groups. If you've already purchased one or more apps from a bundle, you can "Complete Your Bundle" and get the full discount! Here's what we have in the App Store right now:


Mobile Montessori Preschool Sampler Bundle

Get to know what Mobile Montessori is all about with this bundle that features four apps from the following categories: Math, Language, Geography, & Science. (These are fully functional apps, not just samples!)



Planets, Climates, & Living Things - Science Bundle

Learn about the sciences including the solar system, features of our planet, and living things - past & present!



Montessori Preschool Sampler Bundle 2

These bundle contains functional apps that will introduce you to the Montessori style of teaching! If you already have our original Preschool Sampler Bundle, this will complement it nicely! See why schools and parents around the world trust Mobile Montessori apps for their preschoolers and elementary school students! This bundle pack includes Fractions, Parts of Invertebrate Animals, Human Body, Countries of Europe, and Opposites!



Intro to Math - A Preschool & Kindergarten Bundle

Math is more than just numbers! This bundle will allow children to practice basic concepts that are the building blocks of mathematics!


Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 10.44.13 AM.png

Intro to Counting and Number Sequencing Bundle

A complete bundle to practice counting from 1 to 500 with apps to reinforce the knowledge of the sequence of numbers.

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Continents & Countries of the World Bundle

Children, young and old, have used these geography apps to learn to identify and locate all the continents and countries of the world.



Animals Bundle

Learn about all sorts of animals with this bundle designed for children 3 and up!



Arithmetic Bundle - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division

Practice, practice, practice the basic math operations via these apps featuring charts and tables.

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Animals, Flags, & Capitals - Geography Bundle

Learn about the finer details that makeup our political and geographical planet. In the Animals series learn about the unique animals that makeup each continent and where they live. Children will surprise you with how fast they can learn the flags and capitals, too! 



Learning the Alphabet & Building Words - Language Bundle

Practice placing the alphabet in order with the Alphabetizing app, and practice constructing words and phrases with the famous Montessori Movable Alphabet - available in print, cursive, & D'Nealian!