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SAVE up to 43% with this SCIENCE BUNDLE by Mobile Montessori!

Solar System - This is one of our most popular apps, designed for very young children to get a feel for the size and makeup of our solar system. Unique activities and visualizations will give children a introduction to what's beyond our home planet and peak their curiosity into what else is out there...

Seasons and Weather - this app is currently being used by several school systems around the United States because of its unique methods and activities for children to learn the cycles and climates that exist on our planet!

Land and Water Forms - this is a digital replica of the famous Land Forms activities found in a Montessori classroom. Children will learn about archipelagos, peninsulas, lakes, etc. that define the ways water and land interacts on earth.

Parts of Plants - Learn to identify the basics parts of plant life including trees, flowers, leaves, etc.

Dinosaurs - Kids love to learn about the giant creatures of the past! This app will allow them to identify several dinosaurs and what makes each of them unique.

Animal Kingdom Series (Vertebrates & Invertebrates) - What makes a bird a bird, and a mammal a mammal? Children will learn how to classify animals and insects correctly in these unique activities designed for young children.

Parts of Animals Series (Vertebrates & Invertebrates) - Learn about the unique parts of the animals and insects. Even adults will learn a thing or two from these two apps!

Parts of the Human Body - With a learning center and two types of puzzles, young children will quickly learn to identify the parts of the body correctly.

Hundred Board Update

New feature added to the Hundred Board by Mobile Montessori

New feature added to the Hundred Board by Mobile Montessori

Since its initial release in December of 2010 the Hundred Board has continued to be the flagship of our Montessori apps. Throughout the years we have continued to publish updates in response to your feedback. Features such as a simplified version with fewer numbers to search from and using the drag & place method were updates in responses to your comments.

Our latest update, published this week, includes the ability to randomly assemble the hundred board, instead of having to follow the sequence from 1 - 100. We hope you like it!

Don't worry, we won't stop there. We have some ideas we are working on that we know you'll love! Thank you for your support of our Montessori apps! Please, send us your suggestions so we can make our apps even better!

- Mobile Montessori Team